News Release

Integrity   Innovation   Commitment

The Core Value

  • We believe and strive to implement the core values of the company and realize the vision
  • We are actively looking for talented people who are like-minded, creative, and innovative and hard-working for a common goal.

Theory of Business

  • Establish corporate integrity, corporate ethics, and professional ethics as the foundation for sustainable development;
  • Adhere to innovation as the driving force behind corporate growth;
  • Collaborative components, equipment and materials suppliers, all employees of the company are constantly pursuing quality improvement;
  • Continuously improve the customer experience to continuously improve customer satisfaction as a business goal.
  • The company's mission is to be a long-time leader in the design, development, and manufacture of smart devices 
  • worldwide.


  • 我們相信並努力實踐企業的核心價值,實現願景。
  • 我們積極尋找志同道合,富創造力,創新能力的才識之士,為共同的目標努力。


  • 樹立企業誠信,企業倫理,從業道德為永續發展的根基;
  • 堅持創新為企業成長的原動力;
  • 協同零組件,設備及材料供應商,公司所有員工以不斷追求品質改善為原則;
  • 持續改善客戶體驗,以不斷提升客戶滿意為企業經營目標。
  • 公司使命是作為全球設計,開發,製造智能裝置的長期領導業者。