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Project Background 4



                    The world craft beer market continues to grow. In the United States, for example, the market share of craft beer in 2010 accounted for 5%, and in 2014 it grew by 19%. The total sales volume of craft beer brands in the United States increased by 10% annually.

       The demand for beer in emerging countries has grown more significantly. In recent years, the demand for craft beer has continued to increase in Taiwan or mainland China. However, there is no complete solution for providing a personalized, intelligent craft beer approach.


        Taiwan Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to independent research and development, manufacturing and sales of intelligent devices with sophisticated control technology; positioning in medium and high-end commercial, personal and home applications.


             Founded in 2017 in Hsinchu Qingda Yucheng Center, in 2018, it proposed the invention patent for beer brewing equipment and brewing process, and entered manufacturing and testing.


       The goal is to create innovative products and provide quality solutions for complete solutions.