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Taiwan intelligentech Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

We provide a comprehensive smart digital solution to help individual people develop and brew favorite custom craft beer for small business startup or sharing.

     TiMC is a self-design and innovative technology company focused on independent research, manufacturing and sales of intelligent devices with sophisticated control technology.

     The company's mission is to be a worldwide advanced leader in design, development and manufacture of smart devices.

     We value every employee. In addition to provide a good working environment, we encourage employee to learn and growth from work. We welcome excellent any talent to join our group.

     The product is positioned in the mid- to high-end commercial, comsuner and personalized intelligent device market.

     We provide people personalized and intelligent life as a total solution by innovation and technology. It is the best integrator of intelligent software, hardware and data. It is not only a leader in developing, designing and manufacturing smart devices, but also a customer service-oriented practitioner who enhances the customer experience.


     台灣智能製造(股)公司 是技術自主的創新科技公司,專注於自主研發、製造及銷售具備精密控制技術的智能化裝置。

     公司 使命是作為全球設計,開發,製造智能裝置的長期領導業者。

     我們 重視每一位員工,除了有良好工作環境、也提供學習及成長的空間,歡迎優秀的朋友一起加入台灣智能製造股份有限公司的工作行列。

     產品 市場定位在中高端商用,家庭及個人化智能化裝置市場。

     我們 以創新和科技為人們提供個性化智能生活的完整解決方案。是智能軟件,硬件,數據的最佳整合者,也是開發,設計及製造智能裝置的領導者,更是提升客戶體驗,以客戶服務為導向的實踐者。


Service Zone:North of TWN, Mid of TWN, South of TWN, China, North America, Oceania